Wednesday, November 25, 2015

REVIEW | Maybelline Volum'Express the Mega Plush waterproof in Very Black

Top: bare, curled lashes
Middle: 1 coat
Bottom: 2 coats

10 hours later  - minimal smudging compared to the Lash Sensational! Pretty good compared to most waterproof mascaras I've tried. It smudged more 12+ hours in though

Defining (separates lashes)
Not clumpy
Holds a curl
Natural looking
Not stiff feeling

Not volumnizing
Smudges less

$6+ for 0.3 oz / 9 ml

Rating: B
I really wanted to like this mascara since it said it has a gel formula and doesn't feel brittle, but I don't really see any volume and not a ton of length either, it's just very defining and natural looking. I personally prefer the Lash Sensational (review here), which makes a difference in one coat whereas this makes a difference in 2 or more. I noticed that this takes less effort to take off compared to the Lash Sensational though. 
I always like to try new products even though I find one that's holy grail material. This is a nice mascara, but not my go to or my favorite.


Would I recommend it?
If you want clean definition, yes. I personally prefer a more volumnizing formula

Top: MegaPlush
Bottom: Lash Sensational

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