Tuesday, December 22, 2015

EMPTIES REVIEW | Perfect Milk cleanser (Shiseido Sengan Senka)

Wraps your skin gently and lifts dirt, excess oil, and makeup while it deposits rich moisture. It contains Moisture-Captive Amino Acid derivative to keep your skin moisturized. No artificial color. The high quality lather removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup without damaging your skin and stripping away your protective moisture barrier. Silky foam quickly cleanses and rinses, leaving skin soft and clean.

A little goes a long way
Rich lather
Removes face makeup
Makes my pores look/feel clean

Might be a little drying

$9+ for 150 ml (5 oz) on Amazon

Rating: B+
I purchased this in China since it was on sale. Although this is a milk cleanser, it creates a very rich lather, similar to most Asian cleansing foams I've tried. I noticed this seems to clean out my pores better than other cleansing foams I've tried (like the Shiseido White Lucent cleansing foam), but seems a bit drying afterwards. I give it a B+ because it's not a must have for me, but it's pretty good.
There's a whole collection of this Perfect line - oil, milk cleanser, cleansing foam, etc. I've tried all three cleansers, the oil was ok, I probably like the milk cleanser the best. This is part of the lower end of Shiseido products from Japan.


Would I recommend it?
Yes, as a face makeup removing cleanser. I wouldn't use this in the morning, I noticed that foundation doesn't go on as well on my skin

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