Monday, December 21, 2015

REVIEW | Cerave Moisturizing Cream

Semi matte finish
Absorbs quickly
Doesn't break me out

Bulky packaging

$13 for 19 oz at Costco (with pump)
$11 for 16 oz at Target

Rating: A-
I finally went to the dermatologist recently and was prescribed antibiotics to combat my acne that's becoming increasingly problematic now at age 23. She didn't really recommend any skincare products to me other than sunscreen, but I noticed she had Cerave products, which she said were tested to not cause acne, as opposed to Cetaphil which is oil-based.
To my surprise, this cream absorbs pretty quickly on my face, I could even use it as a day moisturizer without it feeling heavy. I bought the Costco version with the pump, so it's a little more sanitary. I know the jar usually comes with just a lid, but they do have squeeze tubes if you can find it. All in all, a good simple moisturizer. It does contain parabens, but I did some research and they say the little amounts they use in cosmetics isn't effective enough to cause damages on the body.

If my skin ever gets sensitive from another product, I go back to Cerave. It is truly a staple moisturizer, great for your body too.

If I ever run out of it

Would I recommend it?

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