Saturday, February 6, 2016

Solotica Hidrocor Amber/Ambar colored lenses (my experience with WRLens)

Left: Natural light | Right: Florescent light

Natural light under the shade (very hazel looking)

Maybe 4-5 years ago, Michelle Phan first showed Solotica lenses in her videos. Since I was still in college back then, these were a bit out of my price range, especially compared to the Korean circle lenses that are only $20-30 including shipping. Recently, I saw a girl at Sephora wearing these lenses - they look really natural on her despite being a somewhat unnatural color, so I was very intrigued.

I originally wanted to get Mel (a honey yellowish color that looks green on brown eyes), but saw Ambar and thought it might be a bit more unique. However, the models they have on the WRLens website is very misleading, this only looks green on her eyes because her eyes are green. The real lenses themselves are a light yellow (as you can see).

On my brown eyes it can look green-ish but mostly a yellow-ish hazel. It definitely lightens my eyes so at least it looks different. (A lot of my friends who are used to my brown eyes think my eyes look really different but I've gotten mostly compliments, except one who said he feels like he's watching the The Devil Inside. LOL)

In case anyone was interested, there are three types of Solotica lenses:
Hidrocor - no limbal ring, most opaque color
Natural Colors - natural limbal ring, least opaque
Hidrocharme - thickest limbal ring, medium opacity

Wish I did more research before purchasing my Hidrocor Ambar lenses, but you live and learn

They say Natural Colors may not look good on dark eyes depending on what color your eyes are, but I think it's cool how Solotica blends into your natural eye color rather than all being one color, but you might get a different color than what you expect (I hear the grey color can come out blue?)

I got mine for $109 at WRLens ($81 + 27 shipping). I ordered them on 12/18 and got them on 1/29 - took them 6 weeks basically. They do say on the website that prescriptioned lenses may take up to 30 days to manufacture, I'm guessing Ambar isn't one of the most popular colors so I had to wait longer.

Very natural looking colors
Farsighted and nearsighted prescription
Yearly lenses

Not super comfortable
Expensive ($80+) as opposed to Korean lenses that are like $20-30
Expensive shipping from Brazil
Takes a while to ship (from WRLens anyway, which is the least expensive website I've found so far)

If you want to wear these for a party or something, plan WAY ahead of time, because you might not get them for 1-2 months
Slight problem with Hidrocor that I noticed, sometimes the lenses shift and you get little dots in your vision, since it's a sheer yellow it doesn't obstruct your vision but it is noticeable

Edit (05/2016):
There is a website that ships from the US now if you want your lenses more quickly, and they're $99 including shipping (cheaper than what I paid but you probably have to pay tax. As of May 2016 they're out of a lot of colors, but I'll check back in a few months to see if they restock

Edit (09/2016):
I keep getting questions about Mel vs. Ambar. If you happened to miss the previous section when I compared the two, please read this one: AMBAR is more yellow and produces a hazel-green on brown eyes. MEL has a greener tone and looks more green on brown eyes. I can't tell you which one to buy bc it's personal preference, but I like green eyes so I will probably try Mel next.

Would I recommend it?
But only if you're willing to sacrifice comfort for the exotic color these lenses provide.

Probably after 6 months or so, I can afford to purchase a few pairs at once now that I have a big girl job, but you're supposed to toss them after a year, so I shouldn't waste money. Maybe the next time I order I'll order two pairs, so the shipping isn't so hefty at $27 for ONE pair.

My wishlist for now:
Natural Colors Mel
Natural Colors Ice

 I definitely want to try Hidrocharme just to see, athough I saw Natural Colors Mel on an Asian girl on Youtube (photo below) and it looks good on her. I've been really into green or grey colored eyes, I think it looks very exotic on Asian features.

Do you like colored lenses?
Let me know what your favorites are below :)


  1. hi! do the contacts on you look unnatural or scary looking because your friend said it looks like the devil inside? haha im trying to pick between mel or ambar like you

    1. They look really natural! My friend just wasn't use to it, esp because I'm Asian. Haha I'd go for Mel if you want a greenish hue and ambar if you want hazel that can pass as green

    2. What is the website that ships form the US?

  2. I want yo know the different between hidrocor Mel and Ambar. Pleaseeeeeeeeee


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