Friday, March 4, 2016

REVIEW (Japanese Beauty) | Avance Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Easy to use
Very precise
Water resistant
Doesn't smudge or flake
Darker than most pen liners I've tried
Dries quickly on the lid

Pen doesn't seem very saturated, not sure how long it'll last me

$10+ for 0.6 ml

I like this pen liner, but it's not exactly holy grail for me. The L'Oreal Lineur Intense (review here) is way darker, although the Avance dries more quickly. I feel like the pen tip might dry out easily so I've only been using it for the wing. The precise brush tip makes it really easy to control and draw. The precision is great if you want really thin liner, I personally like a medium-thickness, so I have to go over the line a few times. This is a Japanese brand so it is geared more towards natural Asian eye makeup. Avance supposedly sells very well, boasting 1.5 million in sales on the little blue sticker. 

Whether or not you'll like this depends on what you're looking for.
Dark pigmentation? It's decent, but it's not a one stroke pen.
Easy to draw wings? This definitely helps.
Thin lines? Yes.

Once I try more pen liners I'll be able to compare how this one is. For now, I say it's a A- product.

Maybe. I want to try the Dollywink next.

Would I recommend it?
Yes. It's a bit darker than the Physician's Formula pen, and not too expensive.

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