Thursday, April 21, 2016

SUNGLASSES | Chloe Isidora 61mm Aviator Sunglasses

I've never been particularly interested in Chloe, it's not a brand I grew up seeing like Chanel. However, I was at Nordstrom looking for the Dior sunglasses (which are too small for my face) when I saw this. Simple, but well built pair of aviators that look a bit more unique due to its rose gold color and the double border frame. The lenses are gradient, but they're so light it's kind of hard to tell.

One flaw though:
I love white and all but, a white leather case... Is not gonna fly.
I am super low maintenance and love low maintenance goods (one reason why I like Louis Vuitton so much, I never have to worry about it being scratched or something)

I like how it's a lighter colored lens, and the rim around the aviators  make it more unique. Personally it kind of reminds me of a futuristic gamer lens, no?
The rose gold isn't particularly noticeable, but you can kindaaa tell it's not just a yellow gold.

These usually retail for $396 each, a bit steep but it seems like designer sunglasses are more expensive in general now. I got them on sale at Nordstrom (link here) for 25%

Excuse my no makeup face, I have been on PTO after busy season and have been chillin at home with no makeup on (is that a song? I forget which one)

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