Thursday, May 5, 2016

SUNGLASSES | Dior Reflected DUPE (Choies High Bar Retro)

Top: Dior Reflected (link here)
Bottom: Choies Mirrored Lens High Bar Retro Sunglasses (link here)

I don't know about you guys, but I think the Dior sunglasses are GORGEOUS.
Unfortunately, I have a relatively large face, the Dior Reflected sunglasses look absurd on me with its measurements of: 52mm lens width, 21mm bridge width, 140mm temple length.

I was obsessed with these for a bit after seeing hollyannaeree and raeview wear these on their Instagram, so I did a bit of research to see if there's other brands with similar designs. I found a blog that had several dupes, including Choies - which I ended up choosing due to free shipping and their color selection. I love how they have rose gold instead of just plain ol' black. 
The manufacturer definitely duped the Dior sunglasses, it even has the blue nosepads, and it says Dior on the leg...

Choies doesn't list the same measurements, but it does say 
So the length is 5mm or 0.5cm longer than the Dior ones

I am really impressed by the quality of the Choies sunglasses
Sturdy but not too heavy, definitely better quality than the Express ones (see next photo)
I just checked the Express website and they have a high brow pair now too (link here). But I now question the quality of the Express sunglasses

Edit (June 2016)
I still think they're well constructed, but I noticed they do get scratched easily, so there's that.

Top: Dior Technos (link here)
Bottom: Express (link here)
They are similar to the Dior Technologic sunglasses that I purchased and returned due to its size.
The Express frame is kind of flimsy, and it is so light it kind of tilts on top of my head and falls off.
Edit (June 2016)
The Express sunglasses actually broke on me, no more buying sunglasses from Express

Choies sunglasses comes with a sturdy case/pouch for travel. Not as glamorous as the Dior white case, but sans the $450 price tag. I paid $28 for these but on the Choies website (link here) they are currently $35 with free shipping for everything (May 2016).

One thing to note about Choies, it seems like my sunglasses were shipped from China, so it took 1-2 weeks for them to get here. But for how cheap and good quality the sunglasses are, I can't complain!

Ok these still look a bit small on my face... But I love them nonetheless.

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