Tuesday, May 3, 2016

EMPTIES REVIEW | The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

You can't tell anymore, but there is usually a white sediment that settles on the bottom (corn starch, I think) that you shake in with the toner to make it more mattifying. This does make my skin matte looking initially but I don't think it helps with oil control.

Contains tea tree oil, witch hazel, lemon tree oil

Seems to help clean pores
Can be used on bug bites

Contains alcohol
Kind of drying
Doesn't help with oil control

$14 for 8.4 oz / 250 ml

Rating: B
I've had this for a very long time and finally used it up. It's kind of a just there product, not bad but not groundbreaking. I use it on days when I am breaking out or when my skin feels clogged since it feels so refreshing on the skin. I stopped using it for a while to try other things but would keep going back, eventually just to use it up. I used this on mosquito bites on the rare occasion that I had any, and it works really well, my skin barely itched.

Acne wise, it didn't seem to help in particular, but it's an ok product to keep in your skincare routine if you're not using toner. Considering this product has been around for quite some time, it must sell pretty well for the company to keep making it.


Would I recommend it?
Worth a try but it's not a miracle product

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