Tuesday, May 31, 2016

HAIR | Is T3 worth it? T3 Twirl Convertible 1.25" curling iron

I first heard about T3 from Raeview in 2015. Guy Tang had used the motion sensing one on her.
I had previously purchased the trio curling wand, but returned them because the "cool tip" that helps the curling wand stand on a flat surface often caught my hair when I slid my hair down. If you've used a curling wand, you know it works best upside down

Sephora description:

What it is:
A curling iron featuring an interchangeable barrel design to style polished, long-lasting curls in one twirl. 

What it does:
Create enviable curls with long-lasting shine. T3 Digital SinglePass™ technology heats up fast and ensures even, consistent heating along the tourmaline and ceramic barrel as you style for frizz-free, polished curls. When heated, the unique T3 tourmaline and ceramic styling surface emits negative ions that seal the cuticle, eliminate frizz, and deliver shiny, long-lasting results. The five adjustable heat settings (260 to 410°F) provide the optimum heat level for any hair type while the interchangeable barrel design offers great versatility—letting you explore endless looks with additional T3 barrels (sold separately).

It features auto world voltage (100-240V) for use around the world (plug adapter needed), one-hour automatic shut-off for worry-free styling, and a cool tip and stand to enable easy, secure styling. It comes with a nine-foot 360° professional swivel cord to prevent the cord from getting tangled or twisted, and a heat-resistant mat (shown below) to protect tabletop and clean plates.

First time I saw it I was a bit disappointed bc the rose gold is brassier than I imagined, but it is beautiful nonetheless

Beautifully constructed
Curls hair well
Doesn't make my hair feel dry/coarse
Long lasting waves


$185 for the 1.25" (link here)
Interchangeable barrels is great for traveling purposes.
The Trio wand contained a traveling case, I wish this had one too.

The curling iron definitely has a quality feel and weight to it. I love the white ceramic/tourmaline against the rose gold.
There are 5 heat settings, since my hair is thinner I use the 2 or 3.
Previously I was using a Hot Tools Gold curling iron, and I noticed when I wash my hair that the curled parts feel a bit dry and rough. With the T3, my hair feels soft. I wouldn't have expected any less from a $185 curling iron (the Hot Tools retail for $50), but it is a nice surprise.

Ceramic and tourmaline hair tools are supposed to be better for your hair and helps with frizziness. I don't notice a huge difference but it doesn't make my hair more frizzy.
I've been told cheaper ceramic curling irons work similarly, but I love aesthetically pleasing products that work well. The rose gold and white is just too beautiful to not buy if you can afford it and actually get use out of it.

Would I recommend it?
Yes! But not the curling wands

I might consider a different size barrel if I start caring about my hair more, but right now I'm set with this and my 1" Nume curling wand (review here)

Yes I do realize this doesn't look as nice as the way some people curl it, but I don't want to fry the tips even more after all the bleaching/coloring
After 1 1/2 days. I was pretty impressed - I mean this doesn't look amazing but better than my straight, thin damaged looking hair.
FYI I don't sleep ON my hair. I usually place them above my head when I lie down.

What are you favorite hair tool brands? I'd love to know
My best friend uses a CHI flat iron, I've heard of GHD, but I never committed to buying any high end hair tools because they kinda look the same for how expensive it is and I didn't care to style my hair until more recently. 

I own a Revlon 1.5" ceramic curling iron and a Remington 0.75 - 1" tapered curling wand (both of which I bought in high school), but I haven't gotten much use out of them due to laziness and lack of skill. They've been tucked away in a corner of my room for so long, I forgot I had them.
I had previously purchased a DryBar curling iron where the clip moves around the barrel (link here), but the design is flawed (your hair gets stuck at the ends), so it was returned with no review... And it felt kind of cheap for $135.

I mostly bought the T3 for looks, and I'm glad it works well.

Eventually it only takes me 10-15 minutes (I have thin hair though)

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