Wednesday, June 1, 2016

LIPSTICK | Anna Sui Lipstick V in No. 303

303 Vesta Pink description
For creating incredibly enchanting, glossy lips with bright color! For creating incredibly enchanting lips with the ultimate in bright color! It contains the largest-ever amount of colorant in the history of Anna Sui lip products. In addition, it does not contain any other powder besides the colorant, which increases the clarity of the base and delivers true vibrant color with the ultimate in clarity. Fix Oil smoothens out bumps on lips and delivers an even tone with only one stroke. The result is long-lasting vivid color that retains its freshly applied look and lips that remain well moisturized for a long time.
The creamy, comfortable texture provides a glossy finish. It contains a generous amount of Melting Moist Oil, which melts at body temperature and  thus melts on application on the lips, to spread smoothly. Light Glossy Oil adds shine to the lips, making them look fuller and plumped. Vibrant color and watery moisture last a long time. Fix Oil creates a cosmetic film that clings to the lips, while highly hydrating Melting Moist Oil prevents lips from becoming chapped.

Smells like rosewater
Beautiful packaging

Very sheer

$30 for 0.1 oz / 3 g

I was mildly disappointed by this lipstick upon swatch, since I didn't read the description and thought it'd be a pigmented lipstick. The color is also more pink than coral, which it seems on the website. This is the first Anna Sui makeup item that I've owned, and I do think the packaging is beautiful - gothic but delicately designed, very detailed. The lipstick is smooth but the color is too sheer - nothing impressive to me. The star design of the bullet didn't really help the application, although it doesn't matter as much since the lipstick is so sheer. I am tempted to keep it just for the beauty of the packaging, but I will probably never reach for it. 
For the price I'd rather get a Chanel or NARS lipstick.


Would I recommend it?
If you're a sucker for packaging ONLY.
I usually like products that are beautiful and work well

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