Tuesday, June 14, 2016

LIQUID LIPSTICK | ColourPop Ultra Satin liquid lipstick in Dohee (Jenn Ne SaisQuoi)

Good color selection

Doe foot applicator could be better

$6 for 0.1128 oz / 3.2 g

I was looking forward to trying this shade because I love Jenn Im, but this is more of a dusty orange (not super flattering on me) compared to the typical pale or pink coral lippies I like to wear. I notice if I eat and some of it rubs off, my lips start looking very dry and wrinkled. Liquid lipsticks are definitely too high maintenance for lazies like me, but if you can be bothered their liquid lipsticks are quite affordable. If you think about it, ColourPop doesn't give you that much product, but I don't use lip products consistently to use one up, so it's not a big deal to me. 
I didn't use a lip liner underneath this but I did use the Lippie Stix primer. I think for liquid lipsticks or matte lips you definitely have to prep your lips very well in order for it to look good.

Maybe another color

Would I recommend it?
Maybe not this shade

Brown eyes vs. Hazel eyes
Can you tell what I mean by a dusty orange? It's like... an off orange.

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