Thursday, June 2, 2016

LIPSTICK | Rimmel The Only 1 in Peachy-Beachy

Rimmel description:
• A no compromise all-in-one lipstick that is challenging the lipstick history.
• The perfect balance of high impact colour, moisture, all day comfort and staying power
• Slanted lipstick bullet for an effortless application

Smooth formula
Super lightweight

Artificial watermelon scent

Limited shade selection (12)

$7+ for 0.11 oz / 3.4 g

I totally bought this on a whim and thought the color might look like any other lipstick I have. When I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised, it's a nice pinky coral that's not too bright, although it's more pink than peach in my opinion. The formula is very smooth, and it look good even though my lips are a bit dry. It has a mild sweet fragrance that I can't put my finger on, it's definitely not a fruit, maybe a candy of some sort. I always appreciate a pleasant fragrance in lip products

This formula might actually be my favorite from the drugstore in addition to the Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks (review here).

Maybe if they come out with more shades

Would I recommend it?
If you like a shade, yes!

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