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REVIEW | Clarisonic Mia - after 5 years

Hi beauties
To preface this post, I know I made a post in 2011 and totally fell off the wagon in updates. I think sometimes I slip into the comfort of using something so often and forget to blog about it bc it's not new to me anymore. However, this is a pretty comprehensive update bc I've owned the same Mia for over 5 years.

In these 5 years, I've repurchased countless brush heads (preferably when they were on sale)
Used brush head vs New btw - even when the brushed dries it never looks the same before it was new.
Tries the FOREO Luna and the Luna Mini (which I kept)
As well as different types of brush heads, and a Konjac sponge.

Here are my thoughts:

Gently exfoliates very effectively
Makes the skin FEEL really clean
Easy to use
Low maintenance - 1 minute a day

Works better with more fluid cleansers

Expensive to change brush heads every 3-6 months
Could be too harsh if you have uber sensitive skin, but there are many brush head options

Mia: $129
Mia 2: $169
Mia Fit: $219
Replacement brush heads: $27 each or $44 for 2 (or $81 for 4 at Ulta, but it's all 1 type of brush)
Sephora and Ulta often has deals on these with a combination of their best selling skin care, so definitely look for that.

After owning mine for over 5 years and trying other cleansing devices on the way. I have to say that Clarisonic Mia is still my favorite. In my 10 month study abroad trip, I didn't bring it with me, and my skin noticeably looked less radiant with bigger pores (it also didn't help that Beijing was heavily polluted, and I didn't exfoliate routinely).
Recently I tried weaning off the Mia because the brush heads are simply too expensive. They're supposed to be replaced every 3 months but I do it every 6 months (since I now use it every other night). 
I unsuccessfully did this for the past 6 months (trying out the FOREO Luna Mini and Konjac sponge, liquid exfoliators and supposedly gentle, natural exfoliators) and finally repurchased the brush heads last week after seeing how flaky my skin is and how bad my blackheads on my nose are. I don't routinely exfoliate my skin bc sometimes work gets busy or I start getting too comfortable with having little to no acne. But I often do it when I notice flakes or if my skin just feel congested. So the Mia is the ultimate fit for my lazy personality. Now that my skin is better but more sensitive, I can't use it as frequently as I used to. But I love this to gently exfoliate, remove flakes from my skin and make my skin just feel super clean.

My favorite cleanser to use with this is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Medicated cleanser, it makes my face feel so clean. But it is a bit harsh if you don't have acne or oily skin.
A lot of people like the Philosophy Purity and I've used up an entire 24 oz bottle, but I'm still not sure I get it... I mean, it's good I guess?

If you have a favorite cleanser to use with it, please let me know (: I'd love to try it

Without a doubt. If I lost mine I'd repurchase a color I like (:
In 2011 they didn't have all the cute colors they have now.

Would I recommend it?
This is definitely an investment in skincare. You may be able to get the Mia for less than $100 if you go to Nordstrom Rack or shop online, but the brush heads is how they get you. I tried the Target $17 brush head (which is not even that much cheaper) and it FELL OUT before the full 1 minute even ended. 
If you are considering the Mia, also consider the costs of the brush heads, which could be $44 to $81 a year (depending on if you buy them in sets or alone, on sale, etc.)

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