Sunday, November 27, 2016

LIQUID LIPSTICK | HudaBeauty Lip Contour Set

Happy Thanksgiving!
I've been doing quite a bit of Black Friday shopping, my wallet hurts :'(

I took advantage of the 20% off VIB sale that Sephora had, and this is one of my favorites! Hope you guys enjoy


In Trendsetter / Bombshell

Honestly I don't really care about my lips looking full, but this is helpful for people who are into that

Top: Trendsetter lip liner alone
Bottom: Trendsetter alone

Top: Bombshell w Trendsetter Lipliner
Bottom: Bombshell alone

At the end of the day - not too shabby except for that whole "butthole" thing going on (I literally heard this term yesterday on Buzzfeed and now I see it everywhere)

Top: Trendsetter (brown nude)
Bottom: Bombshell (pinkier nude)

Two complementary lip colors in one
Liquid formula easy to apply

Lip liner seems a bit dry

$24 for 0.042 oz pencil
2 x 0.064 oz liquid lipsticks

This color is very Kylie Jenner-esque to me. I didn't think these colors would look good with my skin tone, but Bombshell looks quite natural, and Trensetter is a brown-nude that I do not own and actually look ok to me.
The lipstick seems to take a bit of time to dry, and the applicator has a lot of product on it, maybe too much considering all liquidy the texture of the formula is.
This has pretty good lasting power, but if you wear it for a long time your lips will be a bit dry. Yesterday the inner part of my bottom lip kind of peeled (I did eat some oily foods for dinner so that might have contributed to it)

Yes, if I ever run out of this

Would I recommend it?

Trendsetter - it's very brown, but I kind of like it! 


  1. It looks great on you!I suppose I don't mind trying this kind of warm muddy lip color but I need to make sure it's not matte...Cant wear matte unless it's summer (really humid out).

    1. Thanks! :) I notice matte colors always make my lips look so dry but they last so long o_O
      These muddy colors are so trendy because of Kylie Jenner


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