Sunday, March 26, 2017

MASCARA | Kiko Extra Sculpt Waterproof Mascara

$14 for 0.37 oz / 11 ml
Kiko has free shipping over $15 so that's always good

If you watch KathleenLights, you know this is probably her favorite mascara (although I think she uses the washable version)
Unfortunately, for my thin, straight, long ish lashes - these didn't even hold a curl!
They seem decently lengthening and volumnizing but a bit clumpy (as the formula seems a bit dry) and the wand is huge. If you always struggle with getting mascara on your upper lid, these would be a nightmare. It also seems to smudge on my under eye more so than my Maybelline mascaras. My favorite to use recently has been the Falsies Push Up Angel (review here). Honestly Maybelline just makes good mascaras.

All in all a fail :/ the curl-holding thing is VERY important. I actually saw an Asian Youtuber saying that the Extra Sculpt didn't work out for her, but waterproof mascaras at the least hold a curl, so I didn't take her word for it.


Would I recommend it?
Only if your lashes don't have problems staying curled.

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