Thursday, April 6, 2017

BB CUSHION | Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

^ I'm starting to get smile lines! Boo

Good coverage
Super cute
SPF 50
Easy application

Limited color selection

$12+ for 9 g
It seems inexpensive but usually you get 15 g and a 15 g of refill in cushions. The Laneige one available at Target is like that for $34. So this one is technically... $40 if it were to come in the full size. Not that cheap actually - but if you're bad at using up products, this won't matter at all.

As you may be able to tell, this color is a bit light for me (or maybe it's too pink, who knows). Because it's such high coverage, it looks really weird when I forget to cover my undereye circles, it's like I'm a sick vampire or something. Anywho, this is worth keeping for the Pikachu cushion. The product itself is pretty good, but it doesn't last super long (although, neither do most foundations/BB creams on my skin). If you're interested I would definitely give it a try :)
I kinda wish I got the 1 color up, but it's possible that would've been too dark.

Would I recommend it?

Would I repurchase?
No. But only bc there's SO many products out there and I'll likely never use this up

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