Friday, June 16, 2017

LIP TINT | Etude House Balm Color Tint

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My friend gave me this bc it is too bright for her taste
I'm not a red lip girl, but this is actually pretty cute if you use the red part sparingly. Compared to the VDL tint (review here) I have, the red part is a lot more pigmented but also takes up a much smaller space on the lip crayon. Also, the fact is has a tip in the beginning makes it harder to get the red tint evenly.
It is decently moisturizing and easy to blend out so the red doesn't look too unnatural with a harsh line in the middle.

$8+ depending on where you get it 
I think Ebay is generally cheaper but Amazon has really good prices these days too
I happen to have a sports bra that matches the lip tint. (Bought this maybe 4+ years ago :P)

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