Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lancome Beauty Sensation set (pics)

Hi everyone,
After seeing this heavily advertised at my Macy's, I just couldn't resist :)
It is a purchase with purchase, buy any Lancome product, buy this for $49.50. Everything is FULL SIZE. I blogged about this a couple days ago I think.
 If you haven't seen this in your local Macy's, you can see it online here. Bloomingdales (which is actually a division of Macy's I found out) has it on their website and probably in stores. And Lancome also has it on their website here (for Glamorous Golds) and here (for Party Pinks). For w/e reason neither of the colors direct you to the other, I actually had to search on Google... The Lancome website didn't come up with anything.

The box it came in

The traincase from the outside, isn't it pretty? I think you can see the quilted (or w/e it's called) pattern

It comes with an instructions card.
This is what it looks like when you first open the traincase, I love it! It's so big I could fit so much stuff in it.
In addition the plastic mold it came with lets the products stand, as you can see in the next picture

The plastic is actually pretty stiff, not flimsy. I had the hardest time getting the lipsticks out b/c the plastic is so tight!

Product breakdown:
(From Left to Right)
Lancome blush brush (red hair)
eyeshadow brush (red hair)

Color Design eyeshadow quad colors:
Drape (shimmery white)
Volcano (shimmery grey taupe)
Drama (purple with blue shimmer)
Optic (shimmery beige)

Blush Subtil Duo in Pink Chic - I thought these were both powder, but the highlighter is actually a cream!
Definicils mascara in Black
Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony

Color Design lipsticks in:
Love It! (creamy neutral pink) - my favorite of the 3
Poodle Skirt (metallic magenta hot pink) - definitely the least wearable
The New Pink (medium pink sheen)

Juicy Tubes lipgloss in:
Miracle (shimmery magenta pink, the shimmer in this is incredible!)
Moulin Rose (creamy pink with slight sheen)

This was a purchase with purchase, and I wasn't especially interested in any Lancome products in particular, so I bought the cheapest thing that was useful, a pencil sharpener ($6.50, the single thin pencil sharper is $5.50. so I figured might as well get the duo for a dollar more)

They had a gift with purchase at Bloomingdale's a couple weeks ago, but I didn't end up getting it b/c I ran out of money on my card, so I guess it was fate. Lol

In comparison to my Revlon sharpener that was like $3... The Lancome one doesn't look that great, no caps whatsoever

Also, Macy's actually sells Burt's Bees online, and since I get a discount I decided to get the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream; my cuticles have been really dry for a while now, which I believe is the reason my nails split so bad.

It also comes with a "Goody Bag" that contains samples of fragrances

Are you going to get this set? I thought it was such a great deal, I just had to snatch it up, since I've never tried Lancome before.

Till next time :)

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