Monday, November 1, 2010


Hi everyone
So if you saw my last post, Walgreens is having a clearance sale
Since I basically pass by it whenever I go to school, I got some things

I totally didn't need a new tweezer, but the "diamond" coating caught my eye, and I like white, so yeah.
The nails + nail glue... I got on a whim b/c it kind of matches my Halloween costume; I actually didn't end up wearing any of them for Halloween, I wore my Revlon Runway Nails in Stella (which broke off after like 1 day btw) but it was pretty while it lasted.

I'm actually going to return the Fashion Diva one b/c the biggest one doesn't fit my thumb (I have fairly large nails/hands)

Also the Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser.
I feel like the Clinique Acne Solutions set is totally drying my skin out, and I saw this on sale at Raley's actually the other day, so I picked it up. Never tried Biore, wonder if it'll disappoint...

That's all for now,
till next time :)

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