Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hi everyone,
I really need to stop buying stuff.
However, my friend took me to a mall that's 30-40 mins away from where I live yesterday, and they had stores like Lush and Sephora, which I don't think I have near me.
So I ended up getting just one thing from each store

1. Lush Lemony Butter cuticle butter - first Lush product, ever. To be honest I think Lush is overpriced with their soaps and bath bombs b/c it's like $5-7 and it only lasts a few uses, especially the bath stuff. You do get a good amount in this cuticle butter though, 1.5 oz, the Burt's Bee's one is $6 for 0.6 oz, this is $15.95 for 1.5 oz... Not completely proportional, but if it works :)
2. Philosophy Purity cleanser - I finally broke down and bought this. After seeing hollyannaeree talk about this and how it removes her makeup really well, I've been curious. Only used it once so far, not sure how I feel about it, we'll see if it breaks me out
Target 3 oz travel container, thought I'd get it since the Philosophy cleanser is HUGE, 24 oz; usually those 6 oz cleanser from the drugstore takes me like 3-6 months to use up, so this will maybe take 2 years?

Payless boots
I really like these b/c they actually go above my knee and makes my legs look longer, but they also have that fold where the boot ends up top (if that makes sense) and it looks very flattering. It also has a low heel which I LOVE, consider a lot of boots that catches my eye are high heel.
This was also only $25, it says retail for $59.99 but idk if anyone would spend that much at Payless...
The lady also talked me into "weather proofing" it with a spray, I usually don't buy into things like that but...

Till next time :)


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