Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser/mask

Hi everyone,
I recently have been breaking out again, so I decided to use this cleanser, and I think it's worthy of doing a review on :)

Excuse the picture, I was trying to use my mom's professional camera... Didn't work out so well. Still need to play around with it a bit more

As it says on the packaging, it could be used as a daily cleanser or intensive mask, here's the breakdown

1. 3.5% Benzoyl peroxide - reasonable for a cleanser, if it was anymore it'd be really drying, any less might not be as effective
2. Seem to have little exfoliating bits
3. Minty/cooling feeling - much more cooling when used as a mask
4. Helps with acne - no miracle worker, but it is very good paired with a salicylic acid treatments, which are common on the market as of yet
5. Can be used as a cleanser or mask
6. Tube form, good for the thick creamy texture this is

1. Small size - 4.2 oz, doesn't seem like it'd last long but you need a little for your entire face, don't use too much unless you want to dry out your skin
2. Doesn't lather too much - it does lather a little bit, but just barely
3. Could be drying - if overused, I'd say if you have dry skin use this every other night, never morning AND night. I have a oily t-zone with less oily cheeks, using it morning and night had dried my cheeks out to a point where you can see a little bit of flaky skin when putting on moisturizer. You definitely NEED moisturizer after washing your face with this. I don't recommend using it in the morning if you're planning to wear makeup that day.

I definitely recommend this if you've been breaking out and nothing seems to work. This definitely makes a difference but don't expect clear skin overnight, probably never happening without damaging your skin.
If you don't break out very often, you can even use this as a treatment every now and then for those "bad skin" days, it feels refreshing on your face.

Not really.

Rating: 9/10
If it came in bigger sizes and lathered a bit more, it might be perfect.

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