Saturday, January 8, 2011

CVS Haul + Liplicious Cupcake glosses

Hi everyone,
In case you guys haven't seen my CVS clearance sale post, they're having discounts up to 75%

With that said, here's what I got

As usual, excuse the pixelized pictures, will be getting a camera sometime in the next month
1. Almay Pure Blends loose powder in Translucent Matte - haven't tried this yet, but I hear the packaging's messy, I was just intrigued by the "natural" aspect of it
$3.69 at 75% off
2. Revlon Age Defying SPF 20 undereye concealer in Light - I've never purchased a concealer designed especially for your undereyes before, but recently I found that my concealers don't look that great on my undereye even after moisturizing, so I thought I'd try a concealer that has a bit more moisturizing properties to it
$2.62 at 75% off
3. Sally Hansen Forever Stay Moisture gloss in Sugar Cookie - no idea where they get the name from, no part of this color reminds me of sugar or cookie, lol. Anyhow, this was actually on a 75% off clearance (even though it's not marked)
$2.95 at 75% off, can you imagine buying a lipgloss for like $12 in drugstores? The pricing is so ridiculous these days

The trick to these clearance sales is if it's not on the plastic display things, there's a chance it's on clearance, b/c they mess it up so you have to look through it. Hopefully that makes sense

CVS also has some skincare products on clearance
1. Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration eye cream with Pro-Vitamin B - what a long name... I used it a few times n haven't seen much of a difference
$9.99 at 50% off
2. Dermisa Acne Treatment Kit - one of the few items I'll ever buy retail, these kinds of foreign brands don't really go on sale much, and $8 for acne treatment kit isn't bad. The selling point for this is the sulfur facial bar, and also the treatment is 5% benzoyl peroxide, unlike the typical 10% or 2.5%

As usual, BB&W and Victoria's Secret are starting their semi-annual sales.
The day I went to VS they haven't started their sale in store yet, but at BB&W they have a lot of stuff, including classic scents (namely Country Apple n Pink Grapefruit), I already have 2 Country Apple body splashes, but was intrigued by the Pink Grapefruit, but they didn't have the shower gel... Figures.
These are the Liplicious Cupcakes lipglosses in Cookies `n Cream as well as Strawberry
Smells nice, but not very comfortable on the lips, the colors are pigmented though

That's it for now,
Till next time :)

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