Wednesday, September 23, 2015

REVIEW | Urban Decay Perversion mascara (Ulta Birthday Gift 2015)

Sorry the order is flipped this time, the bottom is bare lashes
Middle: 1 coat
Top: 2 coats

Holds a curl
Not stiff like a lot of mascaras
Very dark

Not cheap
Not a lot of volume until 2nd coat

$22 for 0.4 oz (full size)
$10 for 0.13 oz (travel size at Sephora)

This is the Ulta birthday gift deluxe sample this year, I have to say Maybelline's Lash Sensational (review here) is better for my lashes. The first coat of this did nearly nothing, although it does look very clean. I wonder if my lashes have gotten thinner from wearing mascara too much. But the 2nd coat looks a lot better. I don't really like to put on 2nd coats of mascara because it usually smudges more on me, but maybe people who don't have that problem will enjoy this more. For a high end mascara this didn't wow me so I will be sticking to my $6 CoverGirl and Maybelline mascaras I can get at Target.


Would I recommend it?
Not in particular, if you just need length then it's ok

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