Monday, November 16, 2015

SUN (for oily skin) | Cotz Face SPF40 Natural Sunscreen (Tizo SPFDupe? So Underrated!)

Update 8/2016
I repurchased it at Ulta and they seem to have changed the packaging - ingredients look the same but it seems greasier now, I returned it :/

Smooth, matte finish
Great base for makeup
Physical sunscreen (see verdict)
Keeps my oiliness at bay (without being dry)

Contains silicone
Tint makes little to no difference

~$20 for 1.5 oz / 42.5 g
Amazon sells it for cheaper than Ulta

Rating: A-
I really like how this sunscreen is a physical sunscreen, which blocks the sun's rays instead of chemical, which absorbs them. Upon application it is very smooth and matte on the skin. Compared to other silicone sunscreens I've tried, like the MDSolarSciences SPF50 (review here), the Cotz is A LOT less slippery and helps the makeup actually stay on my skin. I did notice the non-slipping finish is a bit more difficult to spread product on? (I recommend dotting your base makeup on this sunscreen rather than spreading it from one spot). 
If you accidentally apply too much of the sunscreen the tint is noticeable, the 'natural tint' looks a bit orange on my pale face.
With the E.L.F. HD powder to set everything I notice that this sunscreen keeps my oils at bay, literally through the entire day from 9am to 9pm, which is refreshing after trying so many sunscreens that make my face look shiny in a few hours even if it's matte at first. I did some research on the Tizo tinted SPF which I wanted to get originally, but I saw people saying that the Cotz is made by the same company with the same exact ingredients. If I try the Tizo I will definitely write a comparison post.

Because it helps control my oil, I notice sometimes my face feels a bit tight (but not dry necessarily), I should probably use a thicker moisturizer now that it's colder. I've been trying out more basic moisturizers like the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (review here) and the CeraVe cream (review here)

Update (June 2016)
After going to Orlando, Florida (where the humidity is >90%) this sunscreen is definitely tried and true. I saw on Amazon they have a "light" tint in addition to the "natural" tint as well. Looking forward to trying it. I wonder if their regular formula with higher SPF is as effective in controlling oil without being dry.


Would I recommend it?
Yes! But if you have dry skin you might want to use a heavy moisturizer

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