Monday, May 9, 2016

REVIEW | Vichy Idealia SkinSleep Night Recovery Gel Balm

Thick gel texture that turns to a dry oil

Paraben free
Makes skin glowy the next day

Strong fragrance (pro for some)
Burns my face
Contains alcohol

$34 for 1.69 oz / 50 ml

I liked this the first couple days I used it, but then I tried a sample of Paula's Choice 2% BHA Skin Perfecting liquid, which is supposed to help with pores and blackheads. Applied after the 2% BHA, the Vichy started to burn my skin and the burning sensation didn't seem to go away. I didn't wash it off and just went to sleep, hoping it's a one time thing. The next day the drier parts of my skin looked a bit red. I tried it again the night after without any BHA and it still burned my skin (especially the drier parts on my lower jawline). I haven't changed anything else in my skin care. I looked closer into the ingredients and it may have been the 3rd ingredient: alcohol. 

While this did make my skin look luminous the next day and minimize the appearance of poor sleep, it is ideal for people who are not using other treatments underneath. I am currently using a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide acne treatment my dermatologist prescribed me, and this is a bit thick and fragrant to layer on top, I have since went back to using the CeraVe cream (review here).

I don't really know why brands like to make some skin care products SO FRAGRANT. The scent is nice but unnecessary, maybe to make it seem more luxurious?


Would I recommend it?
If you don't get a lot of sleep, this might help your skin look less fatigued.
I think if they took out alcohol I would, because I've read often that alcohol in skincare products is drying for your skin

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