Tuesday, May 10, 2016

REVIEW | MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Face and Body foundation

20 Ivory
75% water jelly watery texture

My chin is very dry in this photo - you can see it grabbed onto the flaky skin

Lightweight texture
Easily blendable
Smoothes over pores
Makes skin look dewy

Sheer coverage
Limited shade range

$43 for 50 ml / 1.69 oz

I heard about this foundation probably 5 years ago from Youtuber GossMakeupArtist and never purchased it because I wasn't willing to shell out $43 for a foundation while I was in university. Recently I purchased 20 Ivory from the last VIB 15% off sale. As you can tell, although the coverage is sheer it makes your skin look a lot better, slightly dewy but not overly so while smoothing over large pores. The watery texture spreads very easily and blends nicely. 
Unfortunately, 20 Ivory is the lightest shade and it is a bit too dark for me - I don't know if you can tell, in real life it looks a bit orange on my face. While it is not really detectable to most people, I can see it when I look in the mirror. A lot of people say this is long wearing, but I don't think it is - although it doesn't look bad when your oils start seeping through.

If I have a lot of active acne breakouts I would not reach for this product, as you can see it doesn't cover my blemishes very well; try the MUFE Mat Velvet+ (review here) instead.

Maybe when there's a lighter shade

Would I recommend it?
Yes, but keep in mind you have to prep your skin well in terms of texture and moisture. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize well the night before, or it will grab onto your flaky dry skin like most, if not all foundations.

Taken with iPhone 6S

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