Saturday, March 11, 2017

FOUNDATION | L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow liquid foundation

After 12 hours

Natural looking
Smoothes over pores
Somewhat sanitary packaging

Not super long wearing
Not cheap for drugstore
Hard to tell color from the tube

$12+ for 1 oz

Quite a few Youtubers recommend this. It looks pretty good when I first apply it, but probably after a few hours when my skin gets oily, if I touch my face by accident it'll come off (even if I set it with powder). It's not especially lightweight to me, but it's not heavy. I'll still wear it when I only need my makeup to stay for a few hours, but I definitely rely on my other foundations to stay on, like the MUFE Mat Velvet (review here). If you're really good at not touching your face, this won't be too bad.
Edit: After using this a few more times after, I wish I could return this. It starts looking cakey on my skin just a few hours in, esp under the eyes. I understand that there is a matte version, but I think good quality foundations wouldn't start looking cakey that early, if anything it just looks oily :/

Would I recommend it?
If you have normal to dry skin

Would I repurchase?

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