Sunday, March 20, 2016

REVIEW | Laneige BB Cushion SPF50

Since I have very large pores you can see how the coverage it on my skin, which is a bit red from lack of sleep yesterday

Good coverage
Easy application
Dewy finish
Doesn't make skin oily
SPF 50

Doesn't seem to set
Packaging might be a bit wasteful

$34 for two 15 g compacts

After trying the Hera BB cushion (review here) I wasn't a huge fan since the BB doesn't seem to set and could look a bit cakey as the day goes on. I notice the Laneige and Hera both rub off on clothes if you're not careful, and the first day I wore the Laneige I could feel the BB on my face. I did notice it doesn't make my face oily or anything despite being dewy, which is a plus. Today I used a different sunscreen and it feels lighter on my skin.
The worst problem I have with a lot of foundations is it settling into my pores, but the Laneige looks fine on my skin, as you can tell.

One thing I noticed about the sponge: It applies really well, but sometimes the BB gets stuck in the crevice on the side of the sponge, which is no biggie. Just need to be careful because I got some on my eyelid when I was applying it between my eyebrows.

Would I recommend this?

This girl I ran into at Target says one package lasts her about 3 months, so we'll see how long this lasts me

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