Sunday, March 27, 2016

REVIEW | Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Liner pen


You can BARELY tell but it smudged/ran a little in the outer corner of my eye after 12hrs. Totall acceptable but my L'Oreal and Avance liners don't smudge at all
(had a lazy day and didn't curl my lashes, don't mind me)

Very precise tip
Easy to use
Dries quickly
Water resistant

Not SUPER black
Smudges a teensy bit 
Kind of hard to remose

$7 for 0.017 oz / 0.5 ml

I've been really into liquid pen liners recently after finding out how easy it is to draw a wing. While the Jesse's Girl isn't as black as the L'Oreal (review here) or Avance (review here), for an accessible drugstore item this is probably one of the best liquid pen liners. The one I liked before is the Physician's Formula pen (review here) but it's also not that black and a bit pricier.

I usually like to use the L'Oreal to line my eyes and the pens to draw the wing, the Jesse's Girl one is not nearly black enough for me to do that but on its own it's alright. I usually use jojoba oil to remove my liquid liner but I noticed this one took longer to get off, must be pretty waterproof but just smudges a bit in the corner.

Would I recommend it?

Would I repurchase?
No. I heard the Dollywink one is very dark so I'll try that one 

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