Wednesday, April 20, 2016

REVIEW | Wet n Wild ProLine felt tip eyeliner

Can you see the slight smudging on my upper lid already? Usually doesn't happen with liquid liners but I noticed felt tips seem to do that for me. (see the Milani Eye Tech Perfection here)
Excuse my messy bottom liner. I was trying to copy hollyannaeree's eye look with brown bottom liner but... I don't think it's a cute look on me

Easy to draw

Smudge prone
Not super precise

$4 for 0.017 oz / 0.5 g

While the felt tip is pointy, it's not REALLY fine - I notice with felt liners I always have a hard time getting a crisp line for a winged liner look, hence why I prefer the brush tips - my current go to is the Avance (review here). I like how dark this is, but it's no good if it smudges within a couple hours. I've heard good things about the Dolly Wink and the Stila Stay All Day so maybe I'll try those next. 

If you don't mind learning to use a brush applicator that's not calligraphy style, the L'Oreal Lineur Intension is my holy grail liquid liner from the drugstore (linked here). My best friend tried the felt tip version and loves it too!


Would I recommend it?
If your eyes aren't prone to smudging makeup normally, I think this would work great for you. I personally always have problems with eye makeup smudging so I stick with the most waterproof makeup I can find.

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